Jaśnie Myśli - Diary with questions to yourself

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Jaśnie Myśli - Diary with questions to yourself

Jaśnie Myśli - Diary with questions to yourself


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Jaśnie Myśli is a collection of over a hundred questions that you should ask yourself in order to understand yourself.

Who is this journal for?

If you want…

- take a look at your life, where you are now and where you are going;

- take a closer look at your values ​​and desires and see how much you live in accordance with them;

- better understand yourself and build foundations for new plans and ideas;

- start keeping a diary and spending time more carefully;

… The Clear Thoughts are for You.

128 questions

Some of them are:

- What does a perfect day look like for you ?;

- What gives you energy and what takes it away ?;

- What is falling in love for you? How do you recognize him ?;

- Imagine you don't have to earn money. How do you spend time?;

- The best life advice anyone has ever given me is…;

- The thing you have always wanted to do but are held back by fear or anxiety is ...

PAGES: 168

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Jaśnie Plan


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