Foil balloon Sto Lat! - star, color mix, 40 cm

  • 5,50 zł

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Ask about product

Foil balloon Sto Lat! - star, color mix, 40 cm

Foil balloon Sto Lat! - star, color mix, 40 cm

Symbol: PD-FB94-000

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A foil balloon, metallized with the words Sto Lat! is a great idea for decorating your party.

Foil balloons are an irreplaceable element of a birthday party. Their shiny surface reflects light beautifully, and decorations made with them will look exceptional. They will give a room or a garden a unique atmosphere, delighting all guests at the same time. The balloons can be attached to the table, chairs, walls or to special decorative weights. Helium-filled balloons will float wonderfully around the party setting, providing a truly bubbly atmosphere.

COLOR: mix

SIZE: 40 x 40 cm

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: PartyDeco


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