Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pen - Kuretake - 025, Pink

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Ask about product

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pen - Kuretake - 025, Pink

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pen - Kuretake - 025, Pink

Symbol: KT-RB-6000AT/025

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Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers combine the comfort typical of markers with the capabilities of a traditional brush.

They have a felt-tip, brush-like tip that allows for lines of varying thickness. The pens are excellent both for applying larger patches of color and drawing lines of varying thickness, including very thin ones. The pens come in a rich range of 90 vivid and pure colors that mix well, and can also be diluted with water. The range also includes four fluorescent colors that contain pigment ink. The xylene-free, water-based ink allows you to dilute and mix the colors as desired. You can use a special water-filled brush pen for this. This will give you a wealth of effects typical of watercolor painting. Brush pens will be ideal for drawing manga, sketching, lettering, calligraphy, scrapbooking, coloring and decorating greeting cards. The pens have convenient caps to prevent rolling off the table. Clean Color Real Brush is a versatile tool that allows the artist to enjoy extreme precision in their work.

COLOR: Pink 025

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Kuretake