Bookbinding CR glue in bottle - 80 g

  • 5,90 zł

    7,38 zł / 100 g

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Bookbinding CR glue in bottle - 80 g

Bookbinding CR glue in bottle - 80 g

Symbol: JED-KLEJ-CR80

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CR bookbinding glue in a plastic bottle with a long, precise dispenser.

Unusual properties of the glue (flexibility, transparency after drying) allow its use in bonding a variety of surfaces. It can be used for bonding such materials as paper, cardboard, porcelain, ceramics, wood, fabrics, foil and styrofoam. The adhesive can be applied directly on the glued material or with a brush, roller or spatula. Glue should be applied on clean and dry surfaces (double-sided application is advantageous in case of extremely porous surfaces, e.g.: fabric, concrete), which should be joined and pressed before drying.

FEATURES: transparent, elastic, non-messy


PACKAGE: 1 pc.


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