Acrylic paint Acrilico - Maimeri - 407, Grey Blue, 200 ml

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    13,50 zł / 100 ml

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Ask about product

Acrylic paint Acrilico - Maimeri - 407, Grey Blue, 200 ml

Acrylic paint Acrilico - Maimeri - 407, Grey Blue, 200 ml

Symbol: MAI-0924407

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Maimeri Acrilico acrylic paints allow to create according to nature and heart of every artist. They will be an excellent tool for professional artists and art students.

The finish of Acrilico paints is solid and semi-gloss. With a high concentration of resistant and flexible acrylic resin, the paints spread smoothly even on unprimed surfaces. Acrylics can be used both straight from the tube or diluted with water. The paints become waterproof when dry.

The range contains as many as 79 vivid, bright, pure colors composed of very good quality carefully ground, dispersed and stabilized pigments. They have been selected to produce deep, bright tones that enhance the brilliance and purity of the color and impart a luminosity never before achieved in commercially available acrylic paints. 

Maimeri is an Italian brand created in 1923 by artist Gianni Maimeri. Brand is convinced thah creativity and artistic expression are an insuppressible need of mankind. 

It was founded on the concept of absolute perfection. It represents the tetrahedron, a perfectly proportioned, unique prism that, when observed from an angle, appears identical, with the apex pointing upward. The perfection exemplified by this symbol encompasses all Maimeri products, which today are synonymous worldwide with Italian excellence in the production of painting and drawing materials. The company is an example of great passion and constant synergy between art, industry and innovation.

COLOR: Grey Blue 407

CAPACITY: 200 ml

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Maimeri