Notebook - Moleskine - dotted, hard, L, black

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Notebook - Moleskine - dotted, hard, L, black

Notebook - Moleskine - dotted, hard, L, black

Symbol: MS-628035

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Classic Moleskine Notebook is designed for nonstop note-taking – giving you more space to let ideas grow and take shape. This generously sized version of the black Classic Notebook also has 2 bookmark ribbons to help you keep track of long-term projects and the biggest of ideas. Every Moleskine notebook is a book yet to be written and a story waiting to be told. As well as having more pages for longer stories, the Expanded Classic Notebook features distinctive Moleskine design elements including rounded corners, an inner pocket for loose notes gathered on the move, a matching elastic closure to protect your ideas, and an 'In case of loss' notice to record your contact details and offer a reward to anyone who finds your precious notes. 

COLOR: black

SIZE: 13 x 21 cm

GRAMMAGE: 70 g/m2

PAGES: 400 pcs.

COVER: hard with elastic closure

COMPANY: Moleskine



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