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Set of Oil pastels - Winsor & Newton - 15 colors

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Ask about product

Set of Oil pastels - Winsor & Newton - 15 colors

Set of Oil pastels - Winsor & Newton - 15 colors

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Oil pastels are Winsor & Newton are high-quality, soft drawing sticks with a round cross-section.

The latest pastel sets take full advantage of Winsor & Newton's exceptional color expertise, the highest standards and best-in-class artistic pigments.

These pastels are famous for their incredibly rich, velvety colors. Thanks to their soft texture and velvety texture, they are easy to apply and blend. Their shades can be easily mixed with each other using a pendant or a finger. Their softness makes them adored by artists all over the world. They are perfect for drawing on both light and dark paper - the colors will look great on both of them.

The colors of the oil pastels have been selected to provide the artist with a balanced range of shades. Each pastel is carefully hand-wrapped in a transparent label, guaranteeing both cleanliness and legible color coding. In addition, the label protects the user's fingers from dirt, and at the same time is very easy to remove. This is an undoubted advantage for those artists who prefer to work with paperless pastels.

The set is packed in an elegant case made of high-quality metal, which protects the pastels against breaking and ensures order and comfort during work.

PACKAGE: 15 pcs

COMPANY: Winsor & Newton



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