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Set of Posca Paint Markers Pen PC-3M - Uni - Pastel, 8 colors


POSCA PC-3M fine bullet tip is the marker designed for specialists. It can be used to customize, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you with a precise and steady line.

POSCA PC-3M’s fine tip is ideal for:

- Artists and creative professionals such as architects to color or cross-hatch plans

- Creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking or making greeting cards, decorating pictures, writing on glass or making table decorations

- Interior design amateurs to transform objects

- Surfers and skaters to customize their boards

- Amateur artists to personalize a cap, a T-shirt

- Children to make neat and vibrant coloring.

COLORS: white, beige, yellow, light orange, light pink, lilac, light green, light blue.

TIP SIZE: 1,5 mm

TIP TYPE: fine, polyester

PACKAGE: 8 pcs.




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