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Colour pencils set in case - Winsor & Newton - 27 pcs

105.90 zł

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Ask about product

Colour pencils set in case - Winsor & Newton - 27 pcs

Colour pencils set in case - Winsor & Newton - 27 pcs

Symbol: WN-2090004

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Set of Studio Collection Colour Pencils by Winsor & Newton in a zippered case.

Studio pencil crayons have a soft texture that spreads easily. The high-quality cores are smooth and pleasant to use, whether you're building intense color or working on delicate shading. Studio Pencil Crayons are wax-based pencils with a soft core, which means they are more opaque and ideal for building color in layers. The core of the crayons is made from a high quality binder, so it doesn't break easily under pressure or when dropped.

Due to the high amount of pigments, they are very saturated. Studio Collection crayons have high lightfastness, based on ASTM testing, which means your artwork will not fade over time. These crayons will be a must-have for any budding artist who wants to create their next great work in style. This set includes 26 Studio pencil crayons and an eraser.

PACKAGE: 27 pcs

- 26 colored pencils;

- rubber.

COMPANY: Winsor & Newton