Ink Tray - Essdee - 24 x 20 cm

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Ask about product

Ink Tray - Essdee - 24 x 20 cm

Ink Tray - Essdee - 24 x 20 cm

Symbol: ESS-IT1

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Essdee Ink Tray painting palette is mainly designed for spreading linocut paints with a graphics roller. It will also be ideal for mixing acrylic paints, gouaches, watercolors, glue and other water-based painting media. The flat surface and high walls of the palette also make it useful for other types of crafts. You can store buttons, sequins, beads, glitter and other small items in it. The container will help you keep your studio or desk tidy.

COLOR: white

SIZE: 24 x 20 cm

PACKAGE: 1 pc.