Hydr-Oil water mixable oil paint - Renesans - 23, rose quinacridone deep, 60 ml

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Hydr-Oil water mixable oil paint - Renesans - 23, rose quinacridone deep, 60 ml

Hydr-Oil water mixable oil paint - Renesans - 23, rose quinacridone deep, 60 ml


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Renesans Hydr-Oil oil paints in 60 ml aluminum tubes dilutable with water!

The consistency and properties of Hydr-Oil are typical of oil paints, as they consist mainly of vegetable oils, which determine their physical and chromatic properties. Although these paints are water-soluble, they are authentic "oil paints," that is, they consist mainly of vegetable oils that determine their physical and chromatic properties.

The major benefits of the paints:

- a thick and viscous consistency that holds brush or spatula marks;

- intense and light-resistant colors (almost all opaque);

- excellent adhesion on all substrates, even if they are "greasy";

- flexibility and irreversibility of the color coating after complete drying;

- no volumetric shrinkage even in thick layers of applied paint.

Solubility in water

A distinctive feature of Hydr-Oil paints is that they are water soluble, thus avoiding the need for dilution with solvents previously used in oil painting (turpentine, turpentine oil, etc.), which often cause allergic problems or irritation to users. With these paints, tools are washed using only soapy water. The use of water as a solvent also eliminates the problem of unpleasant odor, which is very noticeable when working in closed and poorly ventilated areas. Another undeniable advantage is the low cost and availability of the "solvent", as all you need to do is open the tap.

Wide compatibility with other additives

The paints and auxiliaries for art painting produced to date can be divided into two, incompatible categories: oil-based (lipophilic) and water-based (hydrophilic). An important feature of Hydr-Oil paints is their compatibility with both categories: oil and water-based, as well as with related auxiliary products. This property gives the artist new means of expression, the opportunity to achieve previously unattainable effects and to use materials of a different nature. The examples presented here represent only some of the possible applications of the new paints; there are many others that artists can explore and experiment with.

Additive products

Hydr-Oil paints can be mixed with all traditional oil-based auxiliaries, which, however, when added in large quantities, will reduce or preclude solubility in water. For this reason, special excipients, also water-soluble, have been developed to eliminate this problem. Hydr-Oil inks are compatible with a wide range of auxiliary materials. We also recommend dedicated media for Hydr-Oil paints such as linseed oils, impasto and painting media.

Drying process

Drying of these paints occurs, as with traditional oil paints, by oxidation of some of the bonds contained in the molecular chains. These linear chains slowly bind to each other through absorbed oxygen, forming a three-dimensional and therefore solid structure with high reflective power in light, thus giving a bright and intense color appearance, typical of oil paints.

It is important to remember that even if the colors are dry to the touch (drying time varies from one to six days depending on the thickness and type of substrate), it is necessary to wait a minimum of one or two months before any final varnishing.

COLOR: rose quinacridone deep 23


PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Renesans


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