Tempera ONE paint - Renesans - 26, magenta, 100 ml

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    13,50 zł / 100 ml

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Ask about product

Tempera ONE paint - Renesans - 26, magenta, 100 ml

Tempera ONE paint - Renesans - 26, magenta, 100 ml

Symbol: REN-RENTEMP100_26

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Tempera One Renesans are traditional water-based tempera paints.

Artistic tempera paints can be diluted with water and have very good covering properties. They are designed for use mainly on canvas and paper surfaces such as cardboard. Once dry, they do not become waterproof and can always be re-dissolved.

The Tempera One range contains as many as 24 intense and well-pigmented colors. All shades have been specially formulated to achieve a semi-matte effect and keep the color as pure as possible. The colors of tempera paints fade slightly when dry, so we recommend using fixing media and varnishes dedicated to gouaches. Tempers are very efficient and easy to use, they will be perfect for both beginners and advanced artists.

Thanks to the packaging, in the form of soft plastic tubes with a capacity of 100 ml, these paints are very convenient to use, lightweight and safe for transportation.

COLOR: magenta 26

OPACITY: opaque


CAPACITY: 100 ml

PACKAGE: 1 tube

COMPANY: Renesans