Gelly Roll Metallic pen - Sakura - Green, 0,4 mm

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Gelly Roll Metallic pen - Sakura - Green, 0,4 mm

Gelly Roll Metallic pen - Sakura - Green, 0,4 mm

Symbol: SAK-XPGBM529

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Writing, drawing and decorating will now be even more fun with Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic™ metallic gel pens.

The pen, with a 1 mm tip, creates a thin line (0.4 mm), allowing the ink to dry in a very short time, minimizing the risk of smudging. Gelly Roll Metallic™ allows for a metallic, shimmering effect. The creamy, smooth, opaque ink is ideal for drawing, drafting, calligraphy, coloring and creating eye-catching details. Thin-colored pen is suitable for white, black and matte paper.

Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic™ contains a special water-based pigment ink that provides bright, intense colors that never fade. In addition, the ink is waterproof and chemically stable. Thanks to its unique technology, the flow of ink from the pen is always constant, without exerting any pressure.

COLOR: Green

PACKAGE: 1 pc.