Acryl Competence Set with box - Clairefontaine - A6

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Acryl Competence Set with box - Clairefontaine - A6

Acryl Competence Set with box - Clairefontaine - A6

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The Acrylic Drawing Set is a combination of Molotow and Clairefontaine brand accessories. They have been placed in a practical box in which you can store your finished drawings.

The set includes 3 acrylic markers One4All, Etival watercolor paper pad, painting board and a decorative box. The accessories will be perfect for starting your adventure with acrylic markers.

Molotow's One4All acrylic markers feature the highest quality and exceptional precision. They have the widest possible application and allow painting on almost all possible surfaces. They are perfect for writing, among others, on leather, plastic, metal, paper, canvas, wood, glass, porcelain and natural materials - stones or shells.

The pens delight with saturated, but bright colors and 100% UV resistance, which prevents fading colors. The markers are equipped with the Flowmaster valve, which controls the optimal flow of paint. These acrylic hybrid markers can be diluted with water or acetone. All of their features make them an unbeatable tool for art, craft and professional design alike.



PACKAGE: 3 One4All Pens, Etival watercolor paper pad A5, painting board 10 x 10 cm, box.

COMPANY: Clairefontaine



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