Horadam Naturals watercolor paint - Schmincke - 650, Lalvarit Violet, 15 ml

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Horadam Naturals watercolor paint - Schmincke - 650, Lalvarit Violet, 15 ml

Horadam Naturals watercolor paint - Schmincke - 650, Lalvarit Violet, 15 ml

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Horadam Naturals is a composition of high-quality, environmentally friendly 100% vegan watercolors.

The range of 16 matte and mostly semi-transparent colors offers a unique combination of the properties of watercolor and gouache in their purest form. For an even greater variety of colors, Naturals colors can be mixed with each other at will.

A unique feature of Naturals paints is the use of only natural pigments and extracts based on earth and plants. The plant-based colors contain real sap from the indigofera plant or resin from the dragon's blood tree. The use of unique earth pigments has made it possible to obtain precious colors such as Lalvarit purple or Caucasian earth. All pigments used were carefully selected. The lightfastness of each pigment corresponds to its natural properties.

The vegan composition of these watercolors is significant. The use of gum arabic tree resin not only protects the environment, but also provides excellent results on various types of paper, both in pure form and diluted with water.

The Horadam Aquarell series of Schmincke watercolors in tubes are some of the best watercolor paints on the market in the largest range of colors available.

Horadam Aquarell watercolor paints are tested to the highest quality standards for stability, fineness, solubility, durability and lightfastness. The perfectly selected formulation, the use of pigments and binders of the highest quality standards have resulted in amazing durability and performance of watercolors.

These paints have the ability to reactivate. You can easily moisten and pick up Horadam paints from the palette and paint with it again without effort or excessive water. Moreover, they guarantee a controlled gradient of colors - even on soft watercolor paper. The key ingredient in Horadam watercolors is the gum Arabic Kordofan obtained from Acacia Verek trees. It comes from the dry zones lying south of the Sahara. Due to its natural origin, gum Arabic Kordofan has extraordinary properties to stabilize paints.


- 162 of the 189 colors with highest possible lightfastness (4 + 5 stars);

- high control of paint flow - even on soft watercolor papers;

- fully reusable paint when dried on a palette;

- quality assortment "Made in Germany";

- selected Gum arabic as binder.

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COLOR: Lalvarit Violet 650



TRANSPARENCY: transparent


PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Schmincke