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Dual Brush Pen Set - Tombow - Galaxy, 10 pcs.


Explore the depths of the galaxy – with the Tombow Galaxy colors! In the set, you will find the right color tones for creating purple and magenta galaxies, including gray and black for matching moon images. Galaxy art is frequently used as a background for black silhouettes or for filling in silhouettes of animals, city skylines, or people. The ABT Dual Brush Pens have two tips for maximum flexibility. With the elastic brush tip, you can vary the line thickness by applying different amounts of pressure, making it particularly suitable for lively hand lettering. With the fine tip (0.8 mm) you can add small details or draw outlines that give your artwork ‘that certain something.’ Thanks to the water-based ink, you can always mix the ink with water and blend the colors.

COLORS: 407, 493, 555, 636, 665, 755, 803, 873, N15, N55

PACKAGE: 10 pcs.