Graphite Drawing set - Prismacolor - 18 pcs

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Graphite Drawing set - Prismacolor - 18 pcs

Graphite Drawing set - Prismacolor - 18 pcs

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Professionally graded artist pencils in a range of values allow you to draw it all from highlights to mid tones and shadows. Woodless graphite pencils can be used sharp for details or blunt for coverage no wood casing to slow you down. Water soluble pencils lay down rich, dark marks and can be mixed with water to create a transparent wash. Steel sharpener and sanding board help you create the perfect point. Vinyl Magic Rub eraser is ideal for delicate surfaces and absorbs graphite. Kneaded rubber eraser molds to the shape you’re erasing

PACKAGE: 18 pcs

- drawing pencils (8B, 6B, 2B, B, 2H, 4H & 6H);

- 4 woodless graphite pencils (2B, 4B, 6B & 8B);

- 3 water soluble graphite pencils (HB, 4B & 8B);

- 2 erasers (Magic Rub vinyl & kneaded rubber);

- steel sharpener;

- sanding board.

COMPANY: Cretacolor



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