Set of Akademie oil paints - Schmincke - 12 x 60 ml

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Ask about product

Set of Akademie oil paints - Schmincke - 12 x 60 ml

Set of Akademie oil paints - Schmincke - 12 x 60 ml

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AKADEMIE® Oil Color paints from Schmincke meet the needs not only of ambitious beginners, but also of demanding professional fine artists.

The AKADEMIE® Öl color range of 48 colors, thanks to its large number of single-pigment colors, allows for great results both in pure form and in color mixtures. The range offers opaque and transparent colors and four up to four whites for various applications. Thanks to their brightening properties, they are suitable for color blending and grading, as well as for primer applications.

Thanks to a balanced formulation with high-quality linseed oil and - for the white shades (zinc, titanium, mixing whites) - with sunflower oil, AKADEMIE® Öl colors offer fast, even drying times and smooth consistency across the color range. AKADEMIE® Öl color oil paints can be combined and mixed with all other Schmincke oil paints (MUSSINI®, Norma® Professional, College® Oil), as well as with all Schmincke oil painting media.

The following are suitable as painting surfaces for acrylic paints: sub-paintings, painter's boards, acrylic paper, wood and other clean, degreased surfaces.

Download the color pattern - click.

Download the AKADEMIE® paint brochure - click.

COLORS: 102 Titanium White, 218 Primary Yellow, 224 Indian Yellow, 304 Vermilion Red, 314 Primary Magenta, 402 Primary Cyan, 406 Ultramarine, 412 Prussian Blue, 506 Sap Green, 602 Yellow Ochre, 608 Burnt Sienna, 704 Lamp Black.

CAPACITY: 12 x 60 ml

PACKAGE: 12 paints, brush.

COMPANY: Schmincke


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