Wooden Starter Box Oil Colour paints - Van Gogh - 12 colors

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Wooden Starter Box Oil Colour paints - Van Gogh - 12 colors

Wooden Starter Box Oil Colour paints - Van Gogh - 12 colors

Symbol: VG-02842510

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A set of Van Gogh oil paints in tubes, placed in a beautiful and practical wooden case with a handle.

The paints are accompanied by essential oil painting media such as lacquer thinner, painting medium, as well as indispensable accessories including brushes, a metal container for media, a cloth, and a wooden palette for mixing colors.

The composition of Van Gogh oil paints is based on high-quality pigments, ensuring very high light resistance. The density of the paints provides smooth brush strokes and the right texture for easy color mixing. They can be used to paint fine, precise details, as well as cover large canvas areas. They will be excellent for both novice painters and experienced plastic artists.

COLORS: 104 Zinc White, 105 Titanium White, 267 Azo Yellow Lemon, 276 Azo Orange,366 Quinacridone Rose, 372 Permanent Red, 536 Violet, 570 Phthalo Blue, 534 Cerulean Blue, 623 Sap Green, 411 Burnt Sienna, 701 Ivory Black.

CAPACITY: 12 x 40 ml, 2 x 60 ml.

PACKAGE: 12 x 40 ml paint tubes, 1 x 75 ml odourless white spirit, 1 x 75 ml painting medium, 2 brushes, a wooden palette, a palette cup, a cloth and a color mixing guide.


REFERENCE: VG-02842510

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