Set of Intense watercolor paints - Renesans - 24 x 15 ml

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Set of Intense watercolor paints - Renesans - 24 x 15 ml

Set of Intense watercolor paints - Renesans - 24 x 15 ml


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The range of extrafine watercolours in tubes includes 70 colours.  50 were produced based on one pigment only, thanks to which colours blend perfectly and are excellent for professional use. The new pigments have been tested for compliance with the highest quality standards in terms of stability, purity, solubility, and lightfastness. We use only the best raw materials to achieve exceptional properties, such as the ability to re-use paint after drying on a pallet and control the flow of paint even on soft papers. The range of colours is extremely harmonious, balanced and complete. Watercolours Intense water in aluminium tubes are exceptional, high-quality watercolours, very efficient due to the vitality and purity of the shades. Mixing smooth, intense colours gives you the possibility to obtain subtle shades. The honey used in the production is not only a preservative, it  provides incomparable smoothness of paint. We have updated the watercolours formula of the Intense water line, increasing also the contents of honey, to reflect the longevity of colours, their brightness and luminosity. In addition, one of the main binders of Intense water paint  is the excellent quality of gum Arabic from Kordofan– region constituting the central and southern area of Sudan. Quality without compromise. The highest standards of artistic pigments ensure the highest lightfastness.

COLORS: Naples Yellow Reddish 5, Lemon Yellow 7, Indian Yellow 15, Scarlet Red 18, Permanent Carmine 21, Purple Magenta 24, Mineral Violet 27, Ultramarine Blue 28, Prussian Blue 29, Helio Cerulean 30, Phthalo Blue 31, Phthalo Green 42, Chromium Oxide 44, Hooker's Green 47, Raw Sienna 51, Orange Ochre 52, Burnt Sienna 53, Red Ochre 54, Mars Brown 56, Burnt Umber 59, Raw Umber 61, Vandyke Brown 63, Payne's Grey 65, Lamp Black 70.

CAPACITY: 24 x 15 ml

PACKAGE: 24 pcs.

COMPANY: Renesans


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