Double-rectified turpentine - Roman Szmal - 500 ml

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Double-rectified turpentine - Roman Szmal - 500 ml

Double-rectified turpentine - Roman Szmal - 500 ml

Symbol: RS-TER/70005-500

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Double rectified turpentine by Roman Szmal. Odorless turpentine (turpentine oil), is mainly used in oil painting. It is distilled from the highest quality resin obtained from conifers. It enables the dilution of paints and cleaning brush and painting tools from oil paint residues. Turpentine is also great for removing dried layers of varnish. It is also perfect for diluting media and varnishes for oil painting. Guarantees the smallest yellowing over time of all solvents. Flammable product.

COMPOSITION: turpentine (distillate from resinous balsam of the pine tree).

CAPACITY: 500 ml


COMPANY: Roman Szmal


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