Graphite Water Watercolor - Renesans - 60 ml

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    19,17 zł / 100 ml

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Graphite Water Watercolor - Renesans - 60 ml

Graphite Water Watercolor - Renesans - 60 ml


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Graphite in tube Graphite Water from Renesans brand.

It was made from ground graphite and gum arabic. Graphite has a slightly cooler shade of black than liquid carbon and does not granulate as much. Water-soluble graphite allows you to produce work with an effect similar to water-based paint. The graphite particles are slightly larger than other pigments used in watercolor. When dry, the graphite is matte.


- ideal for both expressive and delicate work;

- useful for drawing, sketching artists and watercolorists as it can be used for drawing and painting;

- Ideal as an additional paint to watercolor black shades, to enrich the color palette;

- allows you to create a variety of textures;

- can be reactivated with water after drying;

- can be used wet or dry;

- can be applied with various brushes and other painting tools, as well as with fingers;

- can be used with any absorbent surfaces such as watercolor papers, canvases and panels previously covered with watercolor primer/primer;

- to protect the finished work, it is recommended to use a fixative.

CAPACITY: 100 ml

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Renesans