Halloween is a unique celebration during which themed events are organized for both children and adults. Halloween Kinderbal or a spooky meeting with your friends - regardless of the group in which you are celebrating, decorations, costumes and accessories are a must have at a Halloween party. The decoration of the table and house is extremely important - it helps to create a dark atmosphere and is a great background for themed games. The space can be varied in many ways - with paint that glows in the dark, Halloween balloons, garlands, hanging decorations, stickers and themed paper tableware that will be the perfect complement to Halloween snacks and drinks. Don't forget the outfit as well! Halloween costumes don't always have to be time-consuming and expensive! Sometimes just a Halloween element is enough for the stylization to take on a dark character. A witch's hat, a scary mask, or maybe some funny glasses? These props are sure to help you get into the Halloween atmosphere! Costumes are not only ready-made elements of disguise, but also themed makeup! Face and body paints, fake blood, face stick pencils and face glitter gels will help you create Halloween make-up that will impress all guests.