Face and body painting

Halloween make-up products for children and adults are a great complement to a party, themed party or kinder ball for children on this occasion. Creating Halloween makeup doesn't have to be difficult! If Halloween makeup is a challenge for you - face painting templates will come in handy. Makeup for a Halloween party can be similar to regular everyday makeup with the addition of "scary" elements such as fake blood. You can also use opaque face paints, which will allow you to create a complete, unique, scary stylization, thanks to which you will surely fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the Halloween party. Face and body accessories are available from PaperConcept in a variety of forms - face crayons, opaque paints, and sparkling glitter gels that keep you from going unnoticed while having fun on Halloween. The paints are non-toxic and safe for children. They are available in pieces and in sets - both basic and themed, to create a specific outfit, e.g. pirate, vampire and witch. Among the products, you will also find adhesives for the face and body that allow you to attach additional makeup elements and waxes for the face and body, thanks to which you will be able to build 3D effects, e.g. holes in the body or deep scars and rotting wounds.