Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour

If you are a begginer, student or professional and need to have high-quality oil paints that still retain the highest quality at a low price, the Winton oil paints by Winsor & Newton will be a great choice. Winton oil paints are efficient and well-covering at the same time. Winton line was made out of slightly cheaper pigments, which, however, do not differ in quality from higher-priced oil paints offered by other brands. The full color palette includes 55 colors, some of which are highly opaque and some are transparent. The paints combine perfectly with each other, as well as with oil paints offered by other available brands, so we can easily expand the range of colors by mixing them. After drying, Winton oil paints by Winsor & Newton remain shiny, not standing out from oil paints offered by other available brands. Winton oil paints ale available in economic tubes with a capacity of 200 ml, which, with their high efficiency, makes them last for a very long time, even for artists who use a large amount of paint to make their paintings. At PaperConcept you can choose from 52 colors available online and at our stationary stores.