Van Gogh Oil Colour

Among the Van Gogh products, oil paints stand out. Van Gogh oils are highly pigmented, thanks to which they are really durable and do not fade even for many years. What distinguishes Van Gogh oil paints on the market is certainly their consistency, which is identical for each color from extensive color palette. That provides easy color mixing and obtaining new shades. Each color of Van Gogh oil paints dries the same amount of time. After drying, all colors have the same gloss level, which guarantees their reliability. Thanks to the creamy consistency of Van Gogh oil paints, they are very flexible, which allows you to create an effect with visible brush strokes. You can buy Van Gogh oil paints stationary in our stores in Poznan, Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw and Katowice, or you can order online via the PaperContept website with EU-wide shipping.