Talens Rembrandt Acrylic

Talens Rembrandt Acrylic are the best professional acrylic paints. Their high quality makes them meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Thanks to the use of the highest quality pigments, Talens Rembrandt acrylic paints are opaque, and their colors are extremely intense. They are characterized by extraordinary durability and resistance to external factors. Each of Talens Rembrandt acrylic paints has the same finish, which gives the creator great control over the creative process. Their buttery consistency allows you to paint with a technique using a thick layer of paint with visible brush strokes, but after dilution, they are great for techniques similar to watercolor. After drying, Talens Rembrandt acrylics retain high elasticity, making them extremely resistant to cracking. The color palette includes 75 highly pigmented, intense and opaque colors. At PaperConcept, you will find them in 40 ml tubes, which you can order online with shipping throughout the European Union.