Putty rubber

Kneaded eraser is a type of eraser, which is characterized by a soft, plastic consistency reminiscent of plasticine. Thanks to it, it is possible to freely form the rubber, which allows you to reach the smallest details and cover large surfaces. Contrary to the classic, hard eraser, the kneaded eraser does not rub the graphite off the surface and "absorbs" the color. A kneaded eraser is great not only for removing mistakes and applying corrections, but also for highlighting shadows, reflections of light, as well as emphasizing the structure of the object and giving it three dimensions. It gives a much more subtle, soft effect than a classic hard eraser. Perfect for work done with pencils, charcoal, crayons and dry pastels, as well as for cleaning photographic films. To make the kneaded eraser to serve as long as possible, knead it after use and shape it again, and then close it in a tight package, without access to air. PaperConcept offers kneaded erasers by Faber Castell, Koh-I-Noor, Conté à Paris, Winsor & Newton, and Prismacolor.