Book, Every Day I Draw At Least One Letter - Hannes von Döhren

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Book, Every Day I Draw At Least One Letter - Hannes von Döhren

Book, Every Day I Draw At Least One Letter - Hannes von Döhren

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Learning from the best.

Hannes von Döhren has achieved what thousands of type designers dream of: he makes a living from his typefaces. With HVD-Fonts, he has his own typeface distribution company, and with Brandon, he has a world bestseller. In this book, he presents his principle of success and his multiple award-winning typefaces.

"On the streets you look at girls - I look at type." And in the supermarket he plays Grill vs. Dax and buys his food by lettering. Six years ago, he decided to draw at least one letter every day and make a living at it. Observation, enthusiasm and persistence led to the TDC award and a breakthrough.

In this book, he not only presents his bread-and-butter typefaces, display fonts, and typeface families, but also reveals his secrets to success: from cooperation instead of competition, to sales and social media, to dealing with sprayer fonts. With contributions from Erik Spiekermann, Jan Middendorp, and Livius Dietzel, and five fonts worth $99 for free download.

Hannes von Döhren: "a modern typeface family should have a soul, convey a feeling, touch the viewer, and have a raison d'être. And it should meet the technical requirements, like good spacing and kerning, clean curves, language expansion, OpenType features, good screen display ... "

TOPIC: About equipment and design

Author: Hannes von Döhren

Text: English

Pages: 296, 24 of them on newsprint paper with 31 font families with a total of 358 individual fonts.

Format: 17 x 24 cm

Cover: Stitched hardcover with two-color embossing.

COMPANY: Verlag Hermann Schmidt



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