Pen & Roller Blotter Set - Manuscript

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Pen & Roller Blotter Set - Manuscript

Pen & Roller Blotter Set - Manuscript

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Calligraphy Pen & Roller Blotter Set by Manuscript.

This elegant set is the perfect choice for those who love to create calligraphic works in the traditional way. It will be perfect for making handwritten letters, decorating greeting cards, vignettes and personalized invitations. With it you can create traditional letters and decorative lettering. The Manuscript calligraphy set is also a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. The beautiful penholder and tasteful accessories will look amazing on the desk of any lover of handwritten correspondence.

Package includes: 3 nibs, oblique nib holder, wooden blotter for removing excess ink, 25 ml bottle of black ink and instructions.


- 3 nibs (Crown Pen 41, Round Hand, 300 Ballpoint.)

- nib holder Copperplate Oblique;

- wooden roller blotter;

- black ink 25 ml;

- instruction.

COMPANY: Manuscript