Calligraphy ink - Ferris Wheel Press - Down the Don Valley, 38 ml

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Ask about product

Calligraphy ink - Ferris Wheel Press - Down the Don Valley, 38 ml

Calligraphy ink - Ferris Wheel Press - Down the Don Valley, 38 ml

Symbol: FWP-INK-38-DDV

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Fall in love with writing all over again! Discover the new Sugar Beach holiday collection!

As the heat of summer rises, the sunny days stretch longer and warm nights glimmer more vibrantly. We have bottled both the most electrifying energy and relaxing vibes in one collection, reminiscent of a quintessential summer in 1990’s Toronto.

With three brand new colors, create with the magic of summer carnivals, serene green parks, and sizzling white sand beaches. Write your unforgettable summer story with the vivid Sugar Beach Collection.

Ferris Wheel Press Ink deserves to be an inspiration. From the moment you hold it in your hand, to the moment you scoop it onto your pen, it should remind you of the incredible magic and pleasure of writing. Inspirational fountain pen inks, in carefully crafted, vivid colors will stimulate your emotions and creativity providing a feeling of incredible joy while writing - express yourself in every word, sentence and line.

Water-based calligraphy inks are compatible with all fountain pens. They offer amazingly rich and saturated shades. The pocket watch-inspired bottles were created to accurately illustrate the appearance of the inks on paper. They are the best representation of color. They have a distinctive, elegant brass cap in gold, which adds to the whole incredible elegance.

COLOR: Down the Don Valley

INK TONE: leaf green with green shimmer

CHARACTERISTICS: light, refreshing, bright, airy


PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Ferris Wheel Press


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