Fountain pen Collection - Kaweco - Smooth Sage, M

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Fountain pen Collection - Kaweco - Smooth Sage, M

Fountain pen Collection - Kaweco - Smooth Sage, M

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The Kaweco Collection fountain pen is a writing instrument that appeared around 1900, which makes it absolutely timeless.

The new Kaweco Collection pen in Smooth Sage is both subtle and elegant. This delicate shade of extinguished green relaxes and evokes positive energy, thus creating a calming atmosphere conducive to creativity. This color gives the fountain pen a unique kind of chic and nobility.

The combination of this beautiful color with shiny silver-plated elements will release a feeling of freedom and unlimited creativity in you. The fountain pen in pastel green color creates the perfect atmosphere for capturing notes and ideas in peace and harmony.

Kaweco Collection is a pocket fountain pen created on the model of Kaweco Sport collection. It is unique because of its form and size. When closed, it is only 13 cm long, so it fits in a pocket or wallet. With the cap on, however, it takes on the appearance of a standard-sized pen.

The Collection is distinguished by beautiful colors, an 8-sided grip, a beautiful silver nib and a hot stamped brand logo. The pen also has an ergonomic grip and light weight for fatigue-free writing.

The pen comes with a European size dark blue Kaweco cartridge. The Kaweco Sport Collection is compatible with the Kaweco brand mini converter.

COLOR: Smooth Sage

NIB SIZE: M (medium)



WEIGHT: 10,7 g

MODEL: Collection



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