Air hardening clay - Jovi - white, 0,5 kg

  • 11,50 zł

    2,30 zł / 100 g

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Ask about product

Air hardening clay - Jovi - white, 0,5 kg

Air hardening clay - Jovi - white, 0,5 kg

Symbol: JOV-85

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Air hardening modelling clay. Jovi air hardening clay is suitable for children from the age of 4! It is a pleasure to use, has a pleasant and fresh feel and it doesn't stain in the way that clay does. It can be shaped by hand or by covering frames made of different materials (wire, wood...).

Then you just leave it to dry naturally in the air for 24 hours, thereby eliminating the need to use high temperature ovens.

It can be reshaped easily and what's more, it is easy to give your models their finishing touches. Once hard it can be painted, varnished, polished and cut. A truly amazing product, it is available in two colours: white and brown.

PACKAGE: 0,5 kg

COLOR: white



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