Air-drying modeling clay - Jovi - ochre, 250 g

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Air-drying modeling clay - Jovi - ochre, 250 g

Air-drying modeling clay - Jovi - ochre, 250 g

Symbol: JOV-87

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Jovi Air Dry self-curing clay is a ready-to-use plastic mass that can be used immediately.

Clay is recommended for making jugs, bowls, flower pot covers, figurines, holiday decorations and other creative items. Suitable for use in school activities or for visual artists as an introduction to sculpture. In order for the mass not to dry out, it should be closed in an airtight container after use. Items made of Jovi modeling paste can be painted with Jovi decor paints, poster paints or simply varnish for protection and gloss.

Due to the substances used, the mass is very plastic and easy to form. During modeling, it can be softened by adding a small amount of water. However, be careful not to add too much of it, the mass may then become too liquid. Clay dries up spontaneously when exposed to air. It is best to dry the clay at room temperature for approx. 24 hours. The drying time depends on the thickness and size of the decoration made.Items made of modeling clay can also be polished.


  • - based on natural ingredients;
  • - air-dried, does not need an oven;
  • - natural colors;
  • - ready-to-use, wet clay-based modeling paste;
  • - odorless.

COLOR: ochre (brown)

PACKAGE: 250 g



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