Notebook Bauhaus - Leuchtturm1917 - Black, dotted, hard cover, A5

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Notebook Bauhaus - Leuchtturm1917 - Black, dotted, hard cover, A5

Notebook Bauhaus - Leuchtturm1917 - Black, dotted, hard cover, A5

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Notebook from the limited Bauhaus collection, designed by the Leuchtturm1917 brand. It was established on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauchaus School, a German arts and crafts school (1919-1933), which has become an icon of German design and production.

The aesthetics and appearance of our contemporary surroundings, from housing estates to furniture and websites, are in part the result of the Bauhaus art and design school. It was founded in Germany in 1919 and closed by the Nazis in 1933. The school only operated for fourteen years, yet it left an indelible mark on the design and practice of arts education around the world.

The notebook has a durable, hard cover in beautiful colors. It was made of the highest quality acid-free paper, perfect for writing with a pen. The whole thing is placed in a characteristic, sewn binding that opens flat for comfortable writing. The eraser, matching the color of the notebook, acts as an aesthetic clasp that perfectly protects your notes. Inside there is also an additional pocket for business cards and the most important documents. Durable cover slightly protrudes beyond the line of pages, preventing the folding of the pages.


- Pages in dots;

- Hard cover;

- 251 numbered pages;

- Pocket with a tab;

- Empty table of contents and numbered pages;

- Page marker;

- Elastic closure;

- Acid-free paper (80 g / m2);

- Sticker for labeling and archiving.

COLOR: Black

FORMAT: A5 (14,8 x 21 cm)

GRAMMAGE: 80 g/m²

COVER: hard with elastic closure

LAYOUT: dotted

PAGES: 251

LANGUAGE: english

COMPANY: Leuchtturm1917


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