Notebook A5 - Leuchtturm1917 - dotted, softcover, Mint Green, 80 g/m2

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Notebook A5 - Leuchtturm1917 - dotted, softcover, Mint Green, 80 g/m2

Notebook A5 - Leuchtturm1917 - dotted, softcover, Mint Green, 80 g/m2

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Notepad by Leuchtturm 1917 from the Natural Colors series.

The Natural Colors notebook collection presents four colors inspired by the fascination of nature - Light Grey, Fox Red, Forest Green and Mint Green.

Deep in the forest. Up the slope. Close to the sky. The sun's rays pierce through the high treetops and meet the light mist on the ground. Soft moss lies underfoot, the delicate smell of tree resin is in the air. Along the path, the gentle hum of a stream accompanies each step. Suddenly, a clearing appears. Your gaze moves across the landscape, noticing more and more details: clear water running down the rocks; a fox roaming its territory; the delicate contours of grasses and ferns on the lake shore.

Movements, colors, smells and sounds that turn us into wanderers in touch with all our senses. The pristine nature enlivens the soul, allowing thoughts to flow and follow new paths. Here we can understand what really drives and moves us. Find your nature with Natural Colors.

The paper used in the notebooks is completely acid-free, produced without chemical bleach, in an ivory shade. The 80g/ paper is perfect for writing with a pen or brushmarker. The sewn spine allows the notebook to unfold flat, which makes writing much more pleasant. Inside the notebook there is a set of stickers for describing the spine and cover. The notebook also comes with a title page and a table of contents.


- 123 numbered pages; 

- high quality paper (80 g/m²);

- closure with elastic band;

- notebook with sewn spine;

- 8 pages with perforation, easy to tear out;

- table of contents and bookmark; 

- notebook opens flat (lay flat);

- pocket for A5-size sheets;

- stickers for filing.

Leuchtturm1917 enjoys more than 100 years of experience in the paper industry. It was founded in 1917 in Germany, in a small town near Hamburg. Since its inception, it has attached great importance to the highest quality, which they believe is achieved through attention to the smallest details. Made with great care, notebooks, planners and other items signed with the LT1917 logo are characterized by aesthetics, functionality, durability and reliability.

What distinguishes the products of the Leuchtturm1917 brand from the competition is the extreme care taken in their manufacture. Many years of experience have allowed to achieve a level of unsurpassed perfection in terms of aesthetics and functionality. A wide range of colors, attention to the smallest details and a large selection of formats mean that every user will find a product perfectly suited to his needs.

COLOR: Mint Green

COVER: soft with elastic closure


LAYOUT: dotted

PAGES: 123

COMPANY: Leuchtturm1917


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