Water Soluble Artist's Soft Pastels - Holbein - 36 colors

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Water Soluble Artist's Soft Pastels - Holbein - 36 colors

Water Soluble Artist's Soft Pastels - Holbein - 36 colors

Symbol: HOL-S952

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Artist's Soft Pastels by Holbein are professional watercolor paints in stick form.

Soft pastels were created by combining high-quality pigment with a small amount of paste. It is a watercolor paint in a stick, which can be drawn directly on paper without using a brush or palette. Holbein Soft Artist's Watercolor Pastels adhere perfectly to paper. They provide an incredibly smooth drawing feel.

Holbein Soft Pastels have very fine ground particles, so they spread softly, giving the feeling of flowing on the paper. Holbein Soft Pastels use pigments with excellent lightfastness, so you can use them without worrying about color fading. With a brush dampened in water, you can blur your drawing, achieving the spectacular effects characteristic of standard watercolors.

Dry pastels are smeared with fingers, so during their production special attention was paid to the effect of pigments on the skin. Therefore, these crayons do not contain any harmful substances and are completely safe for health.

To fix the drawing, it is necessary to thoroughly spray it with a spray fixative.

PACKAGE: 36 pcs.

COMPANY: Holbein