Expandable paint Setacolor - Pébéo - 45 ml

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Expandable paint Setacolor - Pébéo - 45 ml

Expandable paint Setacolor - Pébéo - 45 ml

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This paste makes it possible to carry out very simply relief decorations. The volume appears after fixing.

Setacolor are Pébéo brand paints perfect for decorating fabrics. Setacolor paints can be applied to pre-washed fabrics such as cotton, wool, knitwear, jersey, velvet, jacquard, polyester, fiber blends and even leather.

They are used pure or diluted with water to create watercolor effects. Their rich texture is particularly useful in many textile decorating techniques, and they can be applied with: brush, pipette, stamps, screen printing, sponges and using stencils. Setacolor Opaque inks in combination with the auxiliary inks Setacolor Light or Glitter will give interesting effects.

To fix Setacolor inks, iron the painted fabric on the reverse side for 5 minutes. Set the iron to "cotton" without steam. Alternatively, you can put the decorated fabric in a domestic oven. After 5 minutes at 150°C the colors will be fixed. After fixation, the paints are machine washable in 40°C. Dry cleaning of the painted surface is not recommended.


PACKAGE: 1 pc.