Brushmarker Essential Collection set - Winsor & Newton - 48 pcs.

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Ask about product

Brushmarker Essential Collection set - Winsor & Newton - 48 pcs.

Brushmarker Essential Collection set - Winsor & Newton - 48 pcs.

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Promarkers are excellent, high-quality, double-sided markers for people who need to use a professional marker for their work. They are especially recommended for drawing manga, comics, illustrators, fashion and garden designers, designers and all kinds of artists who want high quality at an affordable price. Each marker has two tips, a truncated tip: for filling in larger areas and a thin, tapered tip for more precise work. Promarker series has 148 colors that work perfectly together, creating one of the most extensive range of colors among pens. Colors are intense, durable, and can be overlapped to obtain interesting effects. An additional advantage is the blender, which makes it easier to create a smooth transition between colors. Markers have fast-drying, non-toxic ink made on the basis of alcohol. Markers work great on paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic. 

COLOURS: Yellow, Canary, Sunflower, Blush, Amber, Bright Orange, Dusky Pink, Red, Berry Red, Firebrick, Maroon, Pale Pink, Rose Pink, Cerise, Magenta, Wild Orchid, Purple, Plum, Lilac, China Blue, Indigo Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Cool Aqua, Turquoise, Lushe Green, Mint Green, Grass, Forest Green, Bright Green, Lime Green, Sandstone, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Henna, Burnt Sienna, Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 2, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 4, Cool Grey 5, Warm Grey 1, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 5, Black, Blender

COMPANY: Winsor & Newton


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