Acrylic A'kryl paint - Renesans - yellow ochre, 100 ml

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Ask about product

Acrylic A'kryl paint - Renesans - yellow ochre, 100 ml

Acrylic A'kryl paint - Renesans - yellow ochre, 100 ml

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A'kryl acrylic paints by Renesans are very good quality paints made in Poland, in transparent PVC tubes with a capacity of 100 ml. These paints are ideal for students and artists working on large areas due to the very competitive low price. Acrylic paints are a universal medium - they are perfect for painting on canvas, cardboard, wood, plaster, plastic and many other surfaces. After drying, the colors give a slightly satin surface. A'kryl paints contain a large amount of light-resistant artistic pigments with good coverage. These paints are a wide range of colors that allows you to easily choose the color you need. They are also available in a metallic version. All colors are perfectly combined with each other and with other acrylic paints. They can be diluted or thickened using acrylic paint media. After finishing work, the durability of paints can be protected with a varnish dedicated to acrylic paints.

COLOR: yellow ochre

CAPACITY: 100 ml

PACKAGE: 1 tube

COMPANY: Renesans


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