Pastel Basic Box Drawing Set - Cretacolor - 27 pcs

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Pastel Basic Box Drawing Set - Cretacolor - 27 pcs

Pastel Basic Box Drawing Set - Cretacolor - 27 pcs

Symbol: CC-47022

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The Pastel Basic Box drawing set by Cretacolor in an elegant metal case. It will be suitable for both beginners and advanced artists. In the metal case you will find the highest quality pastels in a stick, pastels in a Fine Art Pastel crayon and necessary accessories such as a paper hanging, a bread eraser or a sharpener. A set of pastels in basic colors will allow you to obtain spectacular drawings refined in every detail.

PACKAGE: 27 pcs

- 12x Hard Pastels;

- 12x Pastel Pencils in rich basic colors;

- paper stump;

- kneadable eraser;

- sharpener.

COMPANY: Cretacolor



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