Drawing set in metal box - Stabilo - 36 pcs.

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Drawing set in metal box - Stabilo - 36 pcs.

Drawing set in metal box - Stabilo - 36 pcs.

Symbol: STB-87/3193

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If you're looking for high performance and endless possibilities when it comes to creating artwork, the Stabilo Arty set should become your new best friend.

- Pen 88 is a marker pen with a generous M size tip (approximately 1 mm line thickness), which guarantees an even application of ink, making it ideal for drawing clear lines and painting large areas. You can also use them to create watercolor masterpieces. Just mix the colors with a brush and a little water! This unique product will surprise you with its parameters: 24 hours without a cap without the risk of the tip drying out, odorless water-based ink, strong color saturation and high pigmentation.

- Aquacolor are crayons, which can be used both dry and wet, each time getting stunning results. Used on dry paper, the colors can be mixed together with a brush and a little water. You can also take a different approach by using wet paper, where the colors will blend together on their own. You can even apply color directly to the wet brush straight from the tip of the crayon! These sophisticated crayons with 2.8mm nibs provide coverage of rich, intense colors and the ability to create true masterpieces. Available in sets of up to 36 colors, Aquacolor is the perfect choice for all color experts - at school, college and at work.

- The Point 88 is Europe's most popular fine point pen. It's ideal for writing, drawing, highlighting, colouring and working with a ruler.  Available in up to 47 colors, it's also great for making mind maps and colored notes to help you remember things. The sturdy metal-bound tip resists breaking and delaminating for comfortable writing until the ink runs out. Additional advantages are the resistance to drying out (left without a cap it does not dry out for a long time) and the ventilated cap, which in case of sudden swallowing protects against suffocation. Thickness of writing line 0,4 mm. 

PACKAGE: 36 pcs.

- 14 x Pen 68;

- 12 x Aquacolor colored pencils;

- 10 x point 88.

COMPANY: Stabilo


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