Acrylic Set - PaperConcept

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Acrylic Set - PaperConcept

Acrylic Set - PaperConcept

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Acrylic Set Acrylic Painting Set by PaperConcept.

We have created this set with beginner artists in mind, it contains everything you need to start your acrylic painting adventure. A perfect gift idea for any artist!

The set includes:

Classic cotton painting canvas - PaperConcept - 20 x 30 cm.

The versatile Classic painting sub-image is made of pine looms and high-quality Italian cotton canvas. The canvas of the subpainting is triple primed (three layers of gesso). The weight of the canvas is 322g/m².

The primed canvas can be used to create in various painting techniques like oil, acrylic, tempera and gouache.

The painting looms used are made in such a way as to ensure accuracy and high torsional strength (micro-strip).

The production of painting sub-images is carried out on an automatic production line. Thanks to it, uniform canvas tension and symmetrically and evenly distributed staples were obtained. This made it possible to obtain very good quality and aesthetically pleasing sub-images. All of them were made using the method of stapling on the back, with space left at the edges, where you can still paint. The finished subpainting is packaged in shrink wrap.

Set of acrylic paints Gallery - Winsor & Newton - 6 colors x 60 ml.

Winsor&Newton Gallery acrylic paints are excellent quality products to suit both professional artists and beginner enthusiasts of creation. The set contains as many as 6 highly pigmented colors with a capacity of 60 ml. All colors in the Acrylic Gallery range offer excellent brilliance, opacity and color fastness. The paints have a homogeneous consistency, giving pure color and a smooth finish.

The set includes colors: cadmium yellow medium hue, cadmium red hue, winsor blue, phthalo green, burnt umber, titanium white.

Foundation brush set for acrylics - Winsor & Newton - 6 pcs.

A set of Winsor & Newton synthetic brushes designed for painting with acrylic paints. They are also recommended for oil paints. The brushes have a short handle.

Painting tear-off paper palette - Talens Art Creation - 20 sheets.

A painting palette that allows you to improve your daily creation. It contains 20 water- and oil-resistant tear-off sheets. It also features an oval thumb hole for a comfortable and secure hold. The palette doesn't need to be washed, just tear off the soiled sheet and you can continue to enjoy a ready-to-work palette in seconds.


- Classic PaperConcept cotton painting canvas (20 x 30 cm, 322 g/m²);

- set of 6 Gallery Acrylic Winsor & Newton paints;

- a set of Foundation Winsor & Newton acrylic brushes (round No. 3 and No. 6, cat's tongue No. 3 and No. 6, flat No. 10 and No. 14);

- tear-off paper palette (24 x 18 cm, 20 sheets).

COMPANY: PaperConcept


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