Talens Gouache Extra Fine

One of the most popular gouaches used by artists is Talens Gouache Extra Fine. These highest-quality gouaches contains a large amount of pigment. Due to the high pigmentation, these paints are fully opaque, even when applying thin layers. These gouaches are so unique because their binder is based on dextrine instead of arabic gum. This ensures that emulsion is more fluid, which allows easier coverage of a larger area of the painting. Gouashes may be diluted by water, which gives wide range of possibilities to manipulate the density and coverage of the paint. Undiluted gouaches are highly covering and colors are very saturated, perfectly covering even dark surfaces. The gouache paints have matte finish and dry in just a few minutes, which ensure the possibility of layering with a short waiting time. The color rage you will find at PaperConcept contains 45 colors of which some are neon and some metalic. The Talens Gouache Extra Fine is available in convinient single 50 ml jars , but also in sets of 10, 6 or 5 colors, in the form of jars and easy-to-use tubes. Talens gouaches are great paints that retain an excellent ratio of the highest quality to a relatively economical price. You can order Talens Gouaches Extra Fine online through our website with shipping to Poland and Europe, but also buy in our stores in Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Katowice and Gdansk.