At PaperConcept we also offer gouache paints in kits! It is a great option both for people who are starting their adventure with gouaches, and for those who want to enrich their owned color range with new colors.

For begginer, we strongly recommend kits containing three basic colors, white and black. These few colors are enough to start your adventure with gouaches. You can start with Renesans brand kit with Titanium White, Primary Yellow, Cyan, Primary Red and Ivory Black. A set of Talens gouaches in the shades of 100 White, 205 Lemon Yellow, 379 Permanent Rose, 501 Light Blue and 703 Black Intenso will also be a great choice!

If you want to enrich your owned color rage with new colors, we reccomend larger kits that will provide you almost unlimited color possibilities. The Artists Gouache Holbein kit includes 24 different colors, such as Leaf Green (540), Burnt Umber (604) and Turquoise Blue (561).