Renesans Gouache

Among the products offered by Renesans you can find gouaches that are highly resistant to light and other weather conditions. Gouaches made by Renesans are entirely made in Poland. They are opaque and dense paints which create matte and high coverage leyer but otherwise still retain their water-solubility properties. Renesans gouaches, as in the case with most emulsions of this type, are based on arabic gum. Painting with gouaches is relatively simple, and due to its universal properties, such as ability to dissolve in water, it can be succesfully combined with other techniques. They are perfect to combine with watercolors, pastels, cryons or acrylic paints. Renesans gouaches dries with matte finish and minimal color change, which ensures high control of whole creative process. Renesans gouaches are available in 26 colors in tubes with capacity of 20 ml. In addition, there are also two colorc, black and white, in economical 60 ml tubes. The undoubted advantage of the gouaches made by Polish brand Renesans is a very affordable price, while maintaining a high-quality formula. You can order the gouaches online through our website or buy at  our PaperConcept stationary store in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice and Gdansk.