Fineliner Pen Pin CS3-200 - Uni - black, chisel, 3 mm

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Fineliner Pen Pin CS3-200 - Uni - black, chisel, 3 mm

Fineliner Pen Pin CS3-200 - Uni - black, chisel, 3 mm

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Uni's Pin 200 fineliners are designed for sketching, precision drafting, drawing and handwriting.

The Pin pens' tips provide smooth ink flow and are suitable for drawing both thick and thin lines, especially desirable in calligraphy. The new beveled tips draw lines of varying widths, from thick to very thin, making it possible to create beautiful lettering. Thin pens will be the perfect finishing touch for drawings made with crayons and paints that need fine details added.

Thin pens have a hard, fibrous tip that does not delaminate. The slightly curved top of the slanted tip reduces friction between the paper and the thin pen, providing a much smoother writing experience. The special ink used in the Pin does not show through the paper and allows you to write very clear letters. The pigment ink is completely resistant to water, ammonia, alcohol and solvents. Once dry, it does not smear, even if you spill water on a sheet of paper. In addition, it guarantees high resistance to light. They are ideal for graphic designers, designers, calligraphers and artists.

COLOR: black

INK COLOR: black

TIP SIZE: 3 mm

PACKAGE: 1 pc.



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