Watercolor pencils

Watercolor crayons are a combination of a convenient, pencil form with the properties of watercolor paint. They usually have a wooden frame, and instead of colored, hard graphite they have water-soluble pigments. For this reason, they are sometimes called water crayons. They give a lot of creative possibilities - more than traditional pencils and classic watercolor paints separately.

There are many ways to use watercolor pencils. They can be used similarly to regular pencil crayons - on dry or wet paper. Then we can get defined, expressive lines and intense colors. Another way to use watercolor crayons is to dip the stylus in water. The crayons will then become softer, which will allow you to easily cover large areas. The watercolor crayons can also be used similarly to classic watercolor paints - by taking the pigment on a wet brush and applying the color to the paper. You can also crush them directly onto paper or a palette and, by mixing them with a lot of water, you can get a blur effect, which is especially good for painting the background.

At PaperConcept, we have many watercolor crayons to choose from: Derwent Inktense – the unique inks in the form of crayon, the universal Derwent Watercolour crayons, the popular and extremely soft Koh-I-Noor Mondeluz, a bit harder (thus allowing for painting perfect details) Faber-Castell A. Dürer and professional Prismacolor Watercolor.