Set of Emott fineliners No. 3 - Uni - 0,4 mm, 5 pcs.

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Ask about product

Set of Emott fineliners No. 3 - Uni - 0,4 mm, 5 pcs.

Set of Emott fineliners No. 3 - Uni - 0,4 mm, 5 pcs.

Symbol: UNI-PEM-SY/5C-NO3

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Achieve your goals with Emott's colored thin pens.

Emott's amazing range of 40 colors will make it easy to create accurate notes, improve your efficiency and keep each day on track. A simple way to have a perfectly organized week is to create a detailed to-do list. Arrange tasks by color and bring order to your life. This will make even everyday tasks a pleasure, and you can start planning the next day!

Enclosed in an elegant white casing, the markers draw clear, thin lines with a thickness of 0,4 mm. The sturdy tip will not bend or separate and produces lines of consistent width, no matter what angle you draw from.

Emott's thin pens contain waterproof, fade-resistant ink. Artwork created with them looks incredibly clear, eye-catching, and the saturated colors delight for a long time. Thin-colored pencils are perfect for coloring, marking drafting, drawing, highlighting and writing. They will come in handy at work, home, school, art studio. They will be an excellent choice for fans of Zentangle and Journaling.

Thin pens in a high-quality white case with a stand. You will have your favorite pens always at hand.


- 0.4 mm thick line drawing;

- constant line width at any angle;

- waterproof ink.

- non-fading colors;

- elegant and minimalist white casing;

- hard, distortion-resistant tip.

TIP WIDTH: 0,4 mm

PACKAGE: 5 pcs.